Acupuncture: Help You Create "World Champion Sperm" One Treatment At A Time


The male reproductive system is just as important as the women when it comes to conception. However, somehow when it comes to infertility, all the focus seem to fall on the women. Men are 50% of the factor when it comes to conception. So, if you are having issues conceiving, don’t forget to test the male in the relationships as well. 

Although in many cases, the cause of male infertility is unknown. The good news is that it is easier to treat male fertility than female, since men are constantly making new sperm (we’re talking 1000 sperm per heart beat!). 

Typical semen analysis looks at the sperm in these ways:

  1. Sperm Motility: How well the sperm can travel to the vagina into the fallopian tubes where they meet the egg

  2. Sperm Morphology: the structure of the sperm (ex. abnormal shape)

  3. Sperm Count: the more the better obviously!

Like mentioned above, in many cases the cause of male infertility are unknown. However, below are some common lifestyle causes:

  1. Unhealthy diet

  2. Excessive alcohol and caffeine

  3. Drugs, marijuana, cigarettes

  4. Hot tubs/baths, Saunas

  5. Overweight

  6. Stress

  7. Improper sleep

  8. Lack of exercise

How acupuncture can help:

Just like the engine in your car needs oil to keep it cool and running efficiently, your testicles need blood to bring nutrients, keep things cool, and remove waste products that can potentially damage your sperm before they mature. Many cases, patients have stagnation of blood in the scrotal sack that can lead to increased temperatures, buildup of metabolic waste products, and poor sperm production. Acupuncture can help fix that by promoting more blood flow to your testicular artery and cool the scrotum. 

Lets clear one thing up right away, the acupuncturist is not going to put needle on your genitals. Majority of the points will be on your lower arms, legs, back and abdomen!

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