How To Treat Hair Loss


Hair Loss (partial or total), can occur on you whole body but the most noticeable and troublesome is our scalp. Acupuncturists can treat hair loss and its root cause (ones that happen on its own, and not secondary to another illness such as chemotherapy, lupus, or infections etc).

A very common case I see in my practice for HAIR LOSS have some of these accompanying symptoms

  • Dry, dull skin/scalp

  • Frequent fatigue

  • Weak nails

  • Poor vision

  • Poor memory

  • Lower back pain and sore knees

  • Women: light colour period with small amount 

Can you relate? Don’t be stressed or discourage because there are reasons behind these symptoms and there is a cure for it. 


  • Adding these to your diet: red meat, beans, chicken, cherries, eggs, beets, carrots, grapes, leafy green, sweet potato

  • Avoid hot, spicy, greasy food, coffee, alcohol, salt/table salt

  • Gently massage scalp in AM/PM for 5 minutes

  • Regular acupuncture can stimulate hair regrowth by encouraging blood to nourish your scalp! Needles are not only inserted on your scalp but different parts of your body as well so the cause of hair loss and its accompanying symptoms can be treated too