How Cosmetic Acupuncture Work


When needles are inserted to your skin, they create wound aka “positive micro traumas.” These “positive micro traumas,” triggers your body to repair your skin by producing more COLLAGEN, QI, and BLOOD to the area.

Collagen makes up to over 70% of protein found in our skin. It is the “building block” of our skin’s foundation. It keeps our skin:

  • Plumped

  • Youthful

  • Wrinkle free

  • Firm

  • Moisturized

  • Smooth

Unfortunately by the time we reach ur 30’s, we will start to lose collagen and our cell turn over will slow down which is why you will notice more fine lines, wrinkles, bigger pores, uneven skin tones, and have skin texture concerns. 

Acupuncture aims to help your body stimulate more collagen to help you look forever young.