How Heels Can Affect Your Body

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Guess what, your heels can be the cause of your soreness and pain!

Long term wear of heels not only affect your feet, it can affect your whole body. Such as: 
1. Back
2. Knees
3. Calves
4. Hips
5. Achilles Tendon

When you wear heels, your heels shifts your weight toward the feet, so your knee/hips go forward and your back hyperextend backward in order to maintain balance. When you’re in an unnatural position for a long time, it can lead to blood circulation problems, pain, soreness, and muscle spasms!

1. Wear lower heels or wedges (lower the incline the better)
2. Restrict heel time to couple hours at a time
3. Change height of heel you wear daily 
4. Go for a wider toe
5. Stretch muscles before and after putting them on