Postpartum Care: TCM Perspective

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The Month After Giving Birth | Traditional Chinese Medicine calls it “Zuo Yue Zi” aka “Sitting Month”

Many mothers focus on getting their body back into shape quickly after giving birth. However, the health and healing that our bodies need at this point is beyond just weight loss.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, the month after giving birth is the most crucial time to replenish the Blood and Qi (vital energy). During childbirth (Natural or C-Section), women loose a lot of Blood and Qi, which depletes them.

TCM practitioners suggest:
1. Rest (ALOT)
2. Eat nourishing/warming food (ex. chicken/bone broth, or soup)
3. Avoid cold/uncooked food (ex. salad, cold beverages)
4. Add warm spices to your diet (ex. ginger, cinnamon, pepper)
5. Have “Qi/Blood building” food: (ex. egg yolk, beets, clean animal protein, cherries, raspberries, lefty greens)
6. Keep warm especially your feet and head

Herbs and Acupuncture, not only help your body bounce back to normal, it can also help with other postpartum concerns:
1. Postpartum depression
2. Sleep concerns
3. Lactation production 
4. Digestion concerns
5. Fatigue