Story Behind "Acu Releaf"

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Story Time | I often get asked how and why I named my clinic ACU RELEAF.

One of my best friend Selina and I came up with the name ACU RELEAF a couple years before I even opened my own clinic. We initially came up with the name so I can start a blogging website about Acupuncture, Herbs and TCM. Unfortunately, I never got around to starting those blogs but the name ACU RELEAF stuck with me since then.

Although, I didn’t think TOO much about what I would want my clinic to look like one day. I just knew I want it to be place where people feel relaxed and calm when they walk in. For me, when I think about being relaxed and calm I think about the words “nature”, “green”, and “leaves”.

“ACU” is straight forward, it is just short for Acupuncture. Then we came up with the word “RELIEF,” and decided to change it to “RELEAF” as a play on word and also to represent the clinic [it is not because we don’t know how to spell].

If I have the chance to change the clinic’s name, I wouldn’t. I can’t think of a better name to represent me and my clinic.

Fun Fact: Project Wellness and Balance Living, never made the cut 😂