Stress vs. Your Skin


Stress vs Your Skin | Do you notice more breakouts, dryness, irritation, redness on your skin when you’re STRESSED? 

Blame your “stress hormones” (its a thing), Cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone that helps you deal with stress. The right amount of Cortisol can act as a great coping mechanism. But if you have high levels of Cortisol, it can negatively affect your skin!

High levels of Cortisol can: 

  1. Break down collagen (protein in our skin)

  2. Promote skin’s oil production which can clog your pores leading to development of inflammation/bacteria 

Acupuncture not only help boost your collagen production it can also calm you and reduce your stress. That is also why points are not only inserted on your face, it is also inserted on other parts of your body.