Cooking With Herbs: Tremella With Go Ji Berries Dessert



Ingredients & their benefits: 

Note: all ingredients can be purchased at health food stores or herb stores. Also, amount of ingredients is up to your preferance.

Tremella “White Jelly Leaf Mushroom”

  • Improve skin by creating wonderful complexion and youthful glow skin

  • Strengthen respiratory system (ex. Asthma and coughs etc)

  • Immune system enhancer

  • Prevent cancer

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Go Ji Berries

  • Better sleep

  • Weight loss

  • Anxiety

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Age related eye problems


  • Constipation

  • Strengthen bones

  • Promote digestion

  • Cure allergies

  • Improve skin

  • Weight loss

  • Anemia

Longan Fruits

  • Improve skin

  • Boosts libido

  • Anxiety

  • Anemia

  • Weight loss

  • Strengthen immunity

  • Improve memory

  • Vision health


  1. Soak tremella in hot water until the mushroom expands

  2. Tear tremalla into small biteable sizes, discard the darker hard centre, rinse and put aside

  3. Rince other ingredients- I only added go ji berries this time but you can add dates and longan fruits too

  4. Throw everything in crock pot, add water to cover the pot and add natural sweeter (note: add sweetener to your liking)

  5. Set crock pot on low keep and leave for 1-2 hours

  6. Store in fridge and serve cold (note: you can eat it hot too but I prefer mine cold)