What's Hyperpigmentation?



Discolouration of skin caused by excess Melanin (Melanin is produced to help protect you from the sun but it makes your skin darker). Resulting in small to large, dark and patchy spots on your skin. It is usually caused by SUN EXPOSURE. However, there many be other factors such as post breakouts (ex. acne scars), hormonal imbalance, genetics (ex. freckles), and more. 

As mentioned above the biggest cause for hyperpigementation is sun exposure.  As everyone know, there are benefits from spending time under the sun (ex. Vitamin D which is great for your bones and Serotonin which is great for your mood). And obviously, you can get a great tan. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays can really damage your skin! 

Here are the top 2 (wrong) myths, I’ve heard in my practice:

  1. Its winter so I don’t need to wear sunscreen

  2. I’ve already got a tan, I won’t burn


  1. SPF30+ and Vitamin A should be your BFF

  2. Increase water intake

  3. Eat lots of greens

  4. Cosmetic acupuncture (of course)