Katie Tang

Registered Acupuncturist & Daughter

My father is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine so I was fortunate to grow up experiencing and observing all aspects of TCM treatments. I have always found it fascinating to learn about alternative ways to treat different medical conditions. I developed a passion for TCM and knew I wanted to follow my father's footsteps.

Before opening my own clinic, I had the privilege of working at a naturopath and midwifery clinic in Surrey where I gained experience in prenatal and postpartum care. I have a special interest in women’s health. I have studied and researched infertility, IVF and assisted pregnancies, prenatal/postpartum care, menstruation, PMS and menopause. My goal is to be part of the process of helping patients create their families and also ensuring they have a healthy pregnancy experience from beginning to end.

I also provide cosmetic acupuncture, such as facial rejuvenation, acne and weight loss, and treat digestive problems, chronic pain, stress, cold and flu. Acupuncture can treat a variety of different conditions. Inquire for more information

  • Certified in Injection Therapies from SAIT

  • Member of CTCMA

Dr. Bill Tang

Registered Acupuncturist, TCM Herbalist, Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Father

  • Member of CTCMA